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Secrets of the promotional mix

By August 26, 2010Promotional mix

Here is a 4 minute (and four seconds!) video on your promotional mix. Nigel talks about a giant pizza with 29 slices. He is so emotional that his voice starts to break up as he talks about 254 ways to promote your business. Nigel also talks about trains, why 4 is such a common number and how to increase your customer base by thinking strategically about promotion. There are some questions and there is some optional homework. Now, can we get a pizza delivery at this time of day, we wonder?

In case you are wondering, internet marketing is one of the 29 promotional categories (or pizza slices, if you happen to like metaphors). Internet marketing includes article marketing, banner ads, blogging, e-newsletters, Google AdWords, podcasts, PDF brochures, online PR, SEO, social media, webinars and websites *gasp*.

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  • Certainly ‘food for thought’! Sorry about that.

    Useful advice, as always, Nigel.

    Dallas Willcox,
    Simply Words Editing Services.

    Helping business make written communications more effective.

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