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How often should I blog?

By September 29, 2010December 10th, 2015Customer attraction websites, Promotional mix, SEO

I am frequently asked this question during my internet marketing seminars. My answer is: “Once a week”. Here are the reasons why:

*  You want to attract more visitors to your website and more customers, don’t you? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, blogging can help.
*  Clients and seminar delegates tell me that blogging once a week is a realistic target.
*  Choose your promotional mix elements with care and use them regularly. Intermittent blogging is not as powerful as regular blog posts.
*  Your blog can feed your newsletter (which, incidentally, you should send out once a month).

A blog is simply an online journal of your thoughts. For business purposes, you should blog about your professional knowledge. Be generous when it comes to sharing what you know, as the search engines (and prospective customers) will love you when you do this.

Blogging functionality is built into each website which we build. We show you how to use the software and we also show you how to come up with ideas.


  • Graham Jones says:

    I think it all rather depends upon the purpose of your blog. If, as you say, it is about feeding a newsletter, or fitting in with other parts of the marketing mix, then once a week makes sense.

    But if your blog has the single purpose of lead generation, research shows that you need to blog multiple times per day in order to get new leads. If you only blog weekly, the potential for lead generation falls to just a 38% chance.

    Of course, if you end up blogging multiple times each day, you may well not be able to serve those leads because you are so busy blogging you don’t have time to do any work….!

    As ever. it is about balance and about the goals you have for your blog. Ultimately REGULAR blogging is more important, as you say.

  • Lisa Attias says:

    You have convinced me of a new weekly intention to not only further promote our organic catering business, MoreSouth, but to engender interest in organic food.

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