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Copywriting for the web

By May 25, 2010Copywriting

Here are two definitions for you.  Copywriting = ‘marketing words’.  Webcopy = the words on your website.

There are two levels of webcopy. The first level is about producing well written, clear English. Use short sentences and double check the punctuation and grammar.

The second level is the creation of compelling webcopy, which changes human behaviour. Professional webcopywriters employ numerous techniques, working in conjunction with each other, to produce the desired effect.

Your copy needs to be written for human visitors to your site, as well as for the search engines. Keeping people and machines happy is quite a skill.  The Totosites package includes up to seven pages of webcopywriting – including the all important homepage.  Our research shows that writing can be one of the greatest challenges facing the small business owner.  If you would like to discuss your new website, by all means get in touch.

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