Choosing a website domain name

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Your website address = a domain name. Famous domain names include | | and

Selecting a domain name is an important marketing decision. There are a number of factors to take into account. In general, go for a short domain name, as this is easier to say and easier to remember.

The domain name for this website is: …which is split into two parts. The TLD (Top Level Domain) is the bit to the right (“.com”). The latter is easy to say (two syllables) and is generally accepted to mean a commercial website.

For UK companies / small businesses / independent professionals, “” is a popular TLD choice. Sadly, it comprises no less than five syllables, so it is a little long winded to say aloud.

Within “” the bit to the left = the second level domain (SLD). You will probably want to include your business name, or a brand name, or your own name, within your SLD. Quite often, when a client asks me about domain names, I find myself in a discussion about their brand name and all the associated issues.

From a search engine optimisation (SEO) perspective, try to include one or two keywords within your SLD. In my case, I have traded as “Nigel Temple” for many years. So in 1999, I registered “” and the accompanying website is now in its 5th generation.

There are numerous online resources to help you to find a domain name (and whether it is available). For example:

However, be careful before you buy a domain name as this may create challenges for you, when it comes to building your website. When I originally registered “”, I did so via a company in the USA. It proved to be a frustrating and time consuming experience, to transfer my domain name across to the UK web developers.

If you are thinking about creating a new website (and selecting a domain name), by all means talk to us. The Totosites package includes advice on selecting domain names – which is a strategic marketing decision.


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