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Can social media help to attract more customers?

By February 14, 2011December 10th, 2015Customer attraction websites, Promotional mix

social media islandI am regularly asked this question, during my internet marketing seminars.

The answer is that, yes, you can use social media to attract more customers.

Social media = Web based interactive communication software.

It includes:
* Having your own blog
* Commenting on other people’s blogs (with a link back to your site)
* Social bookmarking
* Social network aggregation i.e.

It also includes the various social / business networking sites i.e.

Social media resources use Web 2.0 technologies. They take advantage of the USP of the web: interactivity. Web 2.0 allows you to share, collaborate and, above all connect with:

* Dormant customers
* Current customers
* Prospective customers
* Advocates
* Influencers
* Suppliers
* The media

How can Social Media help your business?
You can use it to create more awareness for your business, your brand and your products / services. Social media allows you to attract people who read your ‘posts’. It can generate more visitors to your website, sales enquiries and sales.

Social media also enables you to create business relationships (by exchanging messages) and to engage with prospective customers.

The secret to the successful use of social media is to engage with it regularly. If you keep the conversation going, respond to people and watch what they do – you will attract a following, build more business relationships and make more sales.

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