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What Social Media Marketers Should Know About Facebook

By September 10, 2013December 10th, 2015Social Media

Screen shot 2013-09-10 at 14.29.37As a marketer attempting to bring traffic in to your brand on Facebook, it’s logical that you have taken the time to learn a good deal about what it takes to succeed. Learning about ads, targeting approaches, third-party ad-management apps, the difference in ad types and post types – these are all things which improve your odds of gaining brand recognition and of ultimately increasing your bottom line. However, there are probably a few things that have fallen through the proverbial gaps.

This article may be rather eye opening, or it may seem like some common sense stuff that you’ve simply not thought a lot about in correlation with today’s Facebook. Either way, every marketer participating in social media advertising via Facebook should know these things to help increase their position.

5 Things Every Facebook Marketer Should Know

EdgeRank is Important

EdgeRank is something that’s just, well, “there,” for lack of a better word, and a lot of marketers don’t really pay attention to what it is, much less to how to leverage it. But using three core variables—affinity, weight, and time decay—EdgeRank is the single-most important factor when it comes to getting your material out there to someone’s News Feed. It’s Facebook’s algorithm which essentially sorts your material by relevancy, so harnessing this on-site SEO power is essential to your success.

All Clicks Count

Because of the big push for engagement that’s screamed from the rooftops, a lot of marketers are either unaware of or have given up on getting simpler clicks via likes, photo views, etc. But these clicks do count toward your rank and will help you get noticed. So don’t abandon some aspects of your marketing just because you feel the clicks are worthless.

Some Clicks Count More

While all clicks do count, some obviously count a lot more than others. This may be something you already knew in principle. But do you know what the difference is? A comment left on your post is around four-times as powerful as a “like” on one of your posts. Yes, they all count, but the higher-end engagement is what you’ll want to focus more on.

Facebook is Global

Sure, you already knew that Facebook was a global site, drawing in members from all around the world. However, this is about EdgeRank and the Time Decay. Since Facebook is a worldwide network, you’re dealing with a lot of different time zones. So it’s not enough to work on a regular schedule and release high-quality content consistently. You also have to hit certain time zone windows depending on where your targets are located.

There are Plenty of Targeting Options

Advertising on Facebook gives you a lot of different options in terms of reach. Did you know about the Custom Audiences feature which will allow you to target customers via email addresses, FB IDs and phone numbers? It’s a powerful feature. The same goes with Promoted Posts, which allows you to easily transform a page post into a powerful, custom-tailored, narrowly-targeted ad to increase your reach exponentially.

The list above is about reminding you of the things you should know when branding via Facebook. From the way the ranking system works to the value of engagement, there’s always more to learn for serious marketers.

Article written by: Craig Robinson, a social media enthusiast and writer for Qwaya – a Facebook ad campaign monitoring tool. He loves to write different topics about social media tips and strategies. Besides writing, he also enjoys engaging with different communities and social forums.


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