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do it yourself web developmentDo you need a new website and think that you could build it yourself, given the right guidance? Our website development training course teaches you all the basics of building, running and marketing your own website using WordPress, the world’s leading Phentermine Buy Online. Within one day, you will build your own professional website, which you can easily make changes to without having to rely on your website developer. The courses are limited to 12 places. (There is also a virtual course, Phentermine Pills Online for more info)

Course overview

WordpressWe’ll show you everything from installing WordPress and setting it all up to the most useful features and tools within the CMS (Content Management System). You’ll be building your own brand new site and working on it throughout the day. You will learn to apply a professional design, make the site search engine friendly and add the features and functionality you need to further develop and run the site yourself.

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This course is perfect for startups or beginners. Learn how to build, manage or update your website

You do not need to have any understanding of WordPress prior to coming on this course.

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› Introduction
› Creating posts, pages, images & videos
› Menus and navigation
› Design
› Themes
› Widgets
› Comments
› Security & Backups

Intermediate WordPress Course

This course is to further your skills or as a refresher

We recommend having some previous experience using a web builder or our if you are new to this our Beginner Course prior to this.

Course topics include:

› Introduction/Re-cap
› Creating and adding posts, pages, images, videos & maps
› Menus and navigation
› Design
› Themes
› Widgets
› Social Media, Sitemaps,
SEO & Google Analytics
› Plugins
› Mailchimp, sign ups,
custom forms & Paypal
› Comments
› Security & Backups

Course highlights…

* Experienced & friendly trainers
* Phentermine Rx Online Doctor for 1 year
* Domain name registration for 1 year
* Or a test site for you to work on and keep
* Setup of your site before the course so you’re ready to go
* An easy to understand course guide to take home

The course in more detail…

  • Please bring your own laptop with WiFi enabled. Wireless broadband access is provided on location
  • WordPress is the world’s favourite content management system. It’s easy to learn and you can go at your own pace throughout the day
  • A full training manual will be provided during the course
  • There’s lots to learn on this course, therefore you should be pretty comfortable using a computer & the internet, even if you have little or no prior experience with WordPress
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your course so we are ready to start straight away
  • We’ll run through everything WordPress can do in detail. You will learn how to control the structure, look and feel, add essential features, conversion forms, track visitors, get ranked well on search engines, take easy PayPal payments, connect up your social media accounts, add a newsletter signup box, start blogging and learn how to connect with your audience plus much, much more depending on whether you take the beginners or intermediate course
  • You’ll be given a step-by-step training manual so you can carry on where you left off with your site at any stage of the build process

WordPress training locations

Map of UKWe’re based in Berkshire and operate all over Buckinghamshire, Greater London and all surrounding areas, including…

* Amersham * Beaconsfield * Berkshire * Booker * Bourne End * Buckinghamshire * Burnham * Chalfont St Giles * Chalfont St Peter * Chesham * Chorleywood * Cookham * Cressex Business Park * Downley * Forty Green * Frieth * Flackwell Heath * Gerrards Cross * Great Missenden * Handy Cross * Hazlemere * Hemel Hempstead * Henley-on-Thames * High Wycombe * Holmer Green * Holtspur * Knotty Green * Lane End * Latimer * Loudwater * Maidenhead * Marlow * Monks Risborough * Naphill * Oxfordshire * Penn * Piddington * Princes Risborough * Sands * Seer Green * Slough * Studley Green * Taplow * Tylers Green * Wendover * West Wycombe * Widmer End * Winchmore Hill * Windsor * Wooburn * Wooburn Green

We’re also happy to travel to you. Phentermine Where To Buycomputer station If you’d like a bespoke training course for your company at your offices or in a different location to the ones above, please call us on 0754 006 2968 or Phentermine Cheap

* This course can also be delivered virtually, with support for entire year. For more information on virtual courses & prices, please Phentermine Cheap Online

To find out our latest course dates, prices and to book, please call us on 0754 006 2968 or Phentermine Cheap Price